Ivana Kupala is a magical time. You can make a wish while looking for a fern flower, jumping across the fire or making a flower crown. The greatest wish of the Ukrainian community in Brighton is Ukrainian victory in the war, so that our children, grandchildren and all future generations of Ukrainians can celebrate Kupala not under missile attack, in bomb shelters or as refugees abroad, but in peace, in their beautiful, sovereign and independent country.

The Midnight Fern Flower

A magic flower, which only blooms at midnight on Kupala night. If you find it, your wish will come true. But you have to keep the demons from getting it ...

A missing river and a missing tradition

A 'lost' river runs underground below Preston Park, but there's only a small pond on the surface. So unmarried women can't put their flower crowns in a river to practice the Ukrainian version of a widespread midsummer tradition, in which magic helps women learn about their future spouses.

Kupala's unquiet spirits

Not all the supernatural encounters at Kupala are lucky. Restless female spirits haunt it, troubled and sometimes dangerous. What are they trying to say to us? Meet Rusalka and Mavka.